3D Manufacturing

Introducing IQube

Our new IQube foot scanner uses technology that is designed to measure, and produce, high-precision automotive and aerospace products to within a hair's width. Whether you need to scan a foot, a cast, or a foam box impression, IQube can produce a high quality 3D image in seconds. The design of the scanner allows your patient’s foot to be scanned in non- weight, partial-weight and full-weight bearing positions. If you are foot practitioner, our portable IQube scanner allows you to eliminate the messy casting process, and to save money on expensive shipping costs. The key characteristic of the new scanner is its versatility. It can capture data directly from the patient’s foot, either in weight-on, weight-off or semi-weight-bearing modes. The scanner weighs only 14kg, so you can take it to patients with mobility restrictions. Additionally, the IQube easily scans casts and foam box impressions. The data is then emailed to the laboratory to manufacture the orthotics, with increased detail and accuracy. This process eliminates the costs and time-delays associated with delivering casts or foam boxes around the country or even internationally. The IQube is also extremely fast and accurate. It is based on scanning technology developed for the aerospace industry, which allows high quality, full-colour, 3D images to be produced in approximately three seconds.

The data collected is accurate to within 0.4mm. This ensures that the laboratory can produce error-free orthotics, to put the patient on the recovery path as quickly as possible.